May 19, 2016

Quick Leather Lounge Cleaner

I *hate* cleaning my cream leather lounges. Yes, you heard right... cream. And lounge/s. Plural.
I have two. A two-seater and a three-seater. I have kids. Dogs. A sweaty husband. What was I thinking when we bought them???

We have a tiny living room. The only window faces south so we need as much light colour in there as possible. I used to spend HOURS softly polishing the leather with special leather cleaner and conditioner. And it still didn't look like it did when we first bought it... boo!

Now I still do that painstaking clean - but only once a year. Yes. Once. At Christmas time. And only -after- I've cleaned it with this:

March 22, 2016

DIY Rustic Wreath

As part of my recent Toilet Room Makeover, I made this quick and easy wreath with a rustic touch that's just perfect for dressing up a small blank wall.

March 16, 2016

Toilet Room Makeover

Well it's official. The Smallest Room in the House has had a Makeover!
On the top of my to-do list for Project 2016 was to make this room a bit more... um, functional.

March 10, 2016

IKEA LIATORP HACK: Rustic Sideboard Makeover

A BIG part of my Project 2016 plan is to de-clutter our home. As I've mentioned previously, our open plan living room is quite small. About a decade ago, in an effort to better utilise the space, I enlisted the advice of an interior designer. She suggested we invest in the Liatorp range from Ikea, as it suited the modern traditional feel of our home. Well, we went the whole hock - TV bench, two media cabinets (no longer available), console table, coffee table and sideboard. And while they've served us well, we're ready to simplify even further. There's just too much furniture in this space and the glass doors on the cabinets are only adding to the visual clutter.

I needed a solution that could tide us over until we decide what pieces we're going to keep...

March 2, 2016

Defining Your Own Style

A big part of my Project 2016 task is to simplify our living spaces. Although our home is split-level, most of the rooms are quite small. When we undertook a major renovation and raised our house eight years ago, we wanted to keep the character of the home as it was built pre-war and so we didn't change any of the upstairs layout. There are no original house plans, but we think it might have been based on a worker's cottage style that has been added on to over the years. It's by no means traditional, nor is it modern.

February 27, 2016

Quick & Simple Thank You Gift

Sometimes someone does something for you that goes above and beyond, and you'd just like to give them a little something to show your gratitude.

February 23, 2016

Easy Updates for Boys' Rooms

As part of my PROJECT 2016 campaign, I intend to makeover both my kids' bedrooms. As I mentioned earlier in this post, both my children are moving on to high schools this year and their needs are changing.

Whilst my son's room doesn't require a full makeover as such, he is moving on to junior high school, so we thought it was time we updated his room to grow through these important years with him.